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co-occurring disorders

What Are Co-Occurring Disorders?

There has long been speculation on which came first: the chicken or the egg? The answer in that argument had little practical application, as it neither impacted the existence of chickens nor eggs. The same could be considered true of …

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What are Co-occurring Disorders?

Being diagnosed with a Substance Use Disorder (SUD) can be difficult enough to recognize and seek treatment for. We struggle enough to manage our lives and find treatment for the use of drugs and/or alcohol. Our substance use has impacted …

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Can Polysubstance Abuse Be Treated?

Treatment for substance use can be tricky, as it requires a combination of mental, emotional, and physical approaches to recover. Adding a second substance makes it harder to treat, and when we have been using multiple substances or suffer from …

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Depression, Addiction, Co-occuring Treatment

Depression & Addiction, Co-Occurring Treatment

Depression and Addiction.  Both depression and addiction can be complicated conditions and when they occur at the same time either and both can exasperate a person’s sense of dysphoria and discomfort.  These conditions are multifaceted in that they are related …

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Co-Co-occurring Disorders

Using Buddhist and Western Psychological Approach to Address Co-Co-occurring Disorders

Buddhist and Western psychological approaches for ending or curtailing suffering help those in active addiction.  The following research article does an excellent job on identifying the similarities and differences between both therapeutic practices. http://lchc.ucsd.edu/MCA/Mail/xmcamail.2006_10.dir/att-0240/01-Buddhist_perspectives.pdf        From a Buddhist …

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Researchers Support Mindfulness When Addressing Co-Occurring Depression and Substance Use Disorders

Meditation and Mindfulness are practices that call to attention our current thoughts, feelings and opinions. Theravada Buddhism which helped establish the practice of Mindfulness was established over 3000 years ago. Modern science is increasingly assessing the benefits of Mindfulness. Those …

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Co-Occurring Disorders

The word “co-occurring” implies that two things occur together. When it comes to addiction, having a co-occurring disorder means that a Substance Use Disorder – such as alcoholism, opiate addiction, etc. – occurs alongside a mental health issue. Mental health …

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