The Trap of Invalidation and Substance Abuse

The Trap of Invalidation and Substance Abuse

The Trap of Invalidation and Substance Abuse

A life of addiction can take an incredible toll of a person’s thoughts and emotions. Relationships suffer as individuals live in the chaos of their addiction. Emotions become unpredictable and actions grow more impulsive and intense.  The result is a self-identity distorted by invalidation at every turn.  An individual learns to distrust how they feel. They lose trust in themselves and those they love.  

A cycle of anger and isolation can emerge. When the communication of anger and sadness is not received or validated, an individual learns to move between NO Emotions and having Extreme Emotions. Neither is effective in managing ourselves or the relationships with the ones we love. This trap feels like a prison that results in suffering. Relief is often sought with drugs and alcohol.

At AToN Center, we work with residents to break this cycle.  Tools and skills to effectively tolerate distress, successfully manage emotions, and achieve meaningful connect to those we love are a focus of treatment. The metamorphosis from addiction to recovery starts with owning the moment, taking control of thoughts, reaping new behaviors, thus changing your destiny.

We use evidenced based practices like CBT, DBT, and EMDR to address the unique challenges of addiction, trauma, and mental health. We meet you exactly where you are and support you every step of the way toward a new life of balance and recovery.

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