Three Pillars of Spirituality Part 2

Three Pillars of Spirituality Part 2

Part 1 discussed relationship as the first pillar of Spirituality. 

Part 2 focuses on “Your Personal Value System.”

We each have a value system composed of core supporting values. Core Values (about four to six) are those that form the foundation of our personal belief systems. Supporting values support the core values. Intangible core values (eg., love, honesty, freedom) and supporting values (eg., education, creativity, and integrity) are often symbolized in material possession. Quite regularly, our personal value system tends to go through a reorganization process; particularly when there are conflicts in our values. What are your core supporting values?

You can list them 1-5 Core Values and 1-5 Supporting Values

Next segment will conclude with all Three Pillars of Spirituality. 

Paul Aguirre
CD Counselor

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