True Freedom

True Freedom

True Freedom

There is a sense of freedom that comes when breaking away from the destructiveness of addiction.
When individuals are in active use of substances or behaviors there is a tendency to feel imprisoned or enslaved to the need to use, obtain and plan ahead so as not to enter into withdrawal. This can be tiring and all encompassing. Often when entering treatment or other avenues of breaking the cycle of addiction one can rest in the comfort of not having to do an enormous amount of work to keep the addiction going.
The freedom experienced here can be great but left alone can dwindle and one can begin to crave the old behavior again.
It is said that if you give recovery half the energy you put into your addiction, it can be successful. That is not too much to ask is it, half?
Most people with long term recovery will say the freedom is well worth the effort and even far beyond our wildest dreams. After all, what have we got to lose if we give it a try?
It is also said that if we give recovery a chance and don’t want it, we can gladly have our misery refunded to us…sounds like a deal to me!
Enjoy the journey!
Kristin Colton CATC II


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