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What to Pack When Going into Rehab

What to Pack When Going into Rehab

What to Pack When Going into Rehab

What to Pack When Going into RehabOne of the most common questions we get at our San Diego rehab and detox is “what do I pack when going to rehab?” Our homes make recovery simple and enjoyable! We take a lot of the work out of your daily schedule so you can focus on the core of recovery: detox and self-improvement. The day-to-day, such as groceries, toiletries, and other household staples will be provided with your recovery program. You’re mostly responsible for packing the things you need to make the most out of your recovery stay.

A few basics are provided below:

What Do I Wear to Rehab

AToN is a luxury detox in San Diego that’s designed to make you feel comfortable and relaxed during this important journey. You should dress relaxed and comfy as if you were visiting friends or family. Our facility offers various health and training services, from a lavish swimming pool to hiking trails and a private gym. You should bring appropriate, functional swimwear, and sportswear for training regimens in the gym and outdoors. Comfortable shoes, such as flats, are recommended, with sneakers for playing sports and our famous offsite adventures.

Packing for Rehab: Limit Electronics!

A key goal of rehab and detox is to overcome the need to quench boredom, anxiety, and stress with addictive substances. Electronics can be one of the most potent addictions in modern life! At AToN we will be focusing on feeling better through an active, meaningful way of living, rather than relying on crutches like cellphone games and Youtube. Some studies show that as much as 97% of students use social media regularly, which can lead us to feel more isolated and reliant on surface-level connections. These isolating behaviors aren’t just addictive, they can hurt our natural support network.

Why We Don’t Bring Electronics to Bed in Rehab

Overuse of electronics can also directly affect our health. If you think about it, without electronics, going to sleep on time every day would just be natural. We’d have no light to keep us up, nothing to distract us from our sleeping rituals. Using electronics in bed, or just before bed, has become all too common, however. Video game addictions keep people up until the dawn. Cellphone and social media addiction have us chronically checking Facebook or watching videos without purpose late into the night.

Studies have shown that disruptions in our sleep-wake cycle (our Circadian Rhythm) can have real, physical consequences on our health. There have even been direct links between disrupted Circadian Rhythms and cancer development.

What Personal Items Should Be Packed for Rehab

Ultimately, what you need to bring to Rehab is a mindset of fostering growth and change in yourself. Positive, inspiring books, like Atomic Habits, Make Your Bed, or autobiographies of your favorite heroes are all good places to start. Keeping a few photos of the people inspiring you to succeed are also great options. The best, however, is a dream board. Think a foldable poster, or a small diary book, with photos, thoughts, and doodles about everything you want to achieve through recovery: A new mindset, a renewed relationship with family, peace, prosperity, and a more enduring you.

In the famous words of Bruce Lee, “Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one”.

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