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I was recently given an assignment by my sponsor/coach to write on the acronym WHEN. The assignment was to give a word to each letter and explain why you choose that word. I was able to see how using the word WHEN can really effect the way one is living today. I want to encourage you to do this and see what comes out of it. 

I chose the words:

WHEN, Mindfulness in Addiction Recovery

  • W-Waiting
  • H-Hard
  • E-Everything
  • N-Never
When writing on all of these words I was able to reflect on how these words have so much power over my life TODAY! If I am focused on when this or that happens and not in the present moment I miss all that life is offering me NOW.

At AToN Center we get to do a lot of work on Mindfulness, practicing Present Moment focus, as well as CBT and testing the POWER of words and thoughts on the emotions and actions.

I am so excited to be a part of a program that continues to teach me as I teach others, as well as grow in my own recovery and life! So instead of focusing on WHEN, I want to challenge us all to look at NOW, as this is truly all we have…
Kristin Colton CATC II
Chemical Dependency Counselor
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