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social-addiction-alcohol-drugsSubstitute Socialization.  Initially many people get into their addictions because of social reasons.  Their main group of friends are drinkers and go out clubbing on the weekends.  Your buddies all got into marijuana and that became the evening activity people would gather around.  However if an addiction progresses the person may find that the socialization largely recedes into the background and that the drinking and drugs become your “friend.”  You sit at home isolated and alone but the feeling is numbed by the substances.


Getting into recovery almost always means changing this dynamic and learning how to get the benefits that some from spending time with other human beings.  The fulfillment that comes from interacting in a meaningful, open and fun way can not be substituted by chemicals.  It may mean learning how to activate those social skills all over again but once you find that tribe, those buddies, those groups, the substances all pale in comparison to that kind of connection.

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Dr. Chad K. Cox PsyD

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